Kawaii Bunny Rabbit Stand Up Rice Shovel Spoon

$25.00 $23.00
Set of 2 (White x2)
Set of 2 (Pink x2)
Set of 2 (White & Pink)

Kawaii Teddy Bear Shape Ceramic Underglaze Plate & Bowl

Cute Kawaii Japanese Style Cat Plate with Sauce Divider

Cute Japanese Style Totoro Pattern Ceramic Bowl

Grey Totoro
Set of 2
Set of 4

Cute Bear Shape Breakfast Fry Egg Non-Stick Pan


Cute Korean Retro Style Bear Tummy Breakfast Cereal Bowl

Set of 3 (One Colour Each)

Kawaii Bear and Bunny Transparent Jug with Glass Cup

$50.00 $42.00

Kawaii Strawberry Ice Cream Ceramic Bowl Set

Cute Baby Whale Piggy & Cow Hand Painted Ceramic Plates

Cute Japanese Style Ceramic Fruity Flat Plate with Handle

Cute Eggy Cartoon Kitchen Silicone Dishwashing Sponge Brush

Set of 2 (Yellow)
Set of 2 (Pink)
Replacement Sponge (Yellow x4)
Replacement Sponge (Pink x4)
Set of 2 (One Colour Each)

Cute Lovely Summer Strawberry Water Bottle Cup with Straw

Transparent Pink
Transparent White
Set of 2 (Pink & White)
Set of 2 (Pink x2)
Set of 2 (White x2)