Cute Korean Retro Style Bear Tummy Breakfast Cereal Bowl

Set of 3 (One Colour Each)

Kawaii Strawberry Ice Cream Ceramic Bowl Set

Kawaii Bunny Rabbit Shape Ceramic Underglaze Plate & Bowl

$33.00 $30.00

Cute Eggy Cartoon Kitchen Silicone Dishwashing Sponge Brush

Set of 2 (Yellow)
Set of 2 (Pink)
Replacement Sponge (Yellow x4)
Replacement Sponge (Pink x4)
Set of 2 (One Colour Each)

Cute French Style Red Lace Ceramic Dessert Plate

Red Lace
Set of 2
Set of 4

Cute Ceramic Breakfast & Soup Pumpkin Cup Bowl with Lid

Cute Kawaii Cat Paw Stainless Steel Cooking Tong

One Colour Each

Cute Strawberry Kitchen Storage Cutlery Holder

Light Pink
Light Green
Dark Blue
Dark Pink
Set of 4 (One Colour Each)

Kawaii Bear and Bunny Transparent Jug with Glass Cup

$50.00 $45.00

Cute Peachy Pink Print Transparent Glass Cup Mug

Set of 2 (Pink x2)
Set of 2 (Orange x2)
Set of 2 (One Colour Each)

Cute Red Ribboned Gift Shape Ceramic Dessert Plate

Cute Nordic Style Bunny Rabbit Aesthetic Afternoon Tea Display Plate

$67.00 $60.00